Peter Stokes

A website of sorts

Boulder Theatre (Louis Krupp)

 "Guitar playing so rich you could eat it"

  -Shawna Mahan, Metro State College, Denver


 Peter Stokes is a semi-retired performer who appears around the western US and Canada. His powerful voice, bizarre guitar style and high energy level set him somewhat apart in the realm of acoustic music. He lives on the Colorado front range where he climbs and runs an affordable auto repair service. He does studio work (bass & vocals), electrical work, and looks for something good in everyone.



                   Boulder Canyon, CO (George Newell)                   From "Lacto Mangulation"(5.10b), Moab, UT (Peter Stokes) 

 Welcome to my website! You never know what you might find here- I sing, play bass and various used auto parts, and have the distinction of being the worst lead guitarist in Colorado. I've retired from touring- having been in the music business for 30 years, I've decided that chasing fleeting notoriety and steadily dwindling dollars isn't nearly as much fun as just experimenting with my friends and sharing the results. This site involves some of those results, and, as you've probably noticed, a bunch of other stuff......